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Blank Resin Cast


Image of Blank Resin Cast
  • Image of Blank Resin Cast
  • Image of Blank Resin Cast

This is for those of you who want to paint your own lady! Have fun with all sorts of color combinations, or leave it blank! It's completely up to you.

I sculpted the original in Super Sculpey polymer clay, I molded it in silicone, and then I hand cast each one in Smooth-on Smoothcast 300 bright white resin. The final cast is heat resistant and extremely durable.

There may be some small bubble imperfections as this is still all a new experience and learning process for me.

It is about 3 inches tall.

I recommend priming the surface with paint or primer before diving in to painting.

It comes unfinished on the back. Feel free to glue on a magnet to it or mount it to a board or just leave it as it is. The possibilities are endless.

U.S. only for now, sorry. Still trying to find cost effective ways to ship outside the U.S.

Thanks for looking!